Our Special Events

With our interactive daily schedule, we also have our annual special events like Big Wheel Round Up, Graduation Day, Dinosaur Museum, Splash Day, Fire Truck Visit, Rodeo and Winter Wonderland.



At the end of our school year we have a graduation ceremony to celebrate our Fours.

Splash day! It's finally summer - time for splish splash!


Children wear their swim suits to school and enjoy some extra outdoor time splashing in the water.

Big Wheel Round Up! Let's rev up!


Big Wheel Round Up is one of the students' favorite days of the year. Kids bring a labeled ride-on toy and a helmet.

Dinosaur Museum! Get ready for the prehistoric era!


Kids explore and learn more about dinosaurs in our special event Dinosaur Museum. Bone excavation and all!

Our Schedule

We believe in every child's overall development: spiritually, socially, academically, physically, emotionally and cognitively. We offer age-appropriate curriculum geared for kindergarten preparation.

Our daily schedule is designed to meet all children's needs to help them understand a social setting. Our special area classes include:

MONDAY - Chapel
WEDNESDAY - Perceptual Motor Skills (Physical Education)
FRIDAY - Music and Movement

Upcoming events and calendar


SHPC Calendar

Our online calendar is feature packed with upcoming events and activities. Click here for SHPC online calendar.

Shepherd of the Hills Preschool is a ministry of Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian Church.